Boating is fun and we like to have fun with it. Learn about some new lakes, equipment reviews, or just some off-the-wall fun stuff.


Small Boats: Complete Roundup of Small Boats, Mini Boats, and Pontoons

Small boats are fun and versatile. Our complete guide to small and mini boats shows that bigger is not always better.

Boat Storage Boating

Boat Storage: How to Store Your Boat

There are many boat storage options available to store your boat for the off-season. Storage for boating is often treated as an after-thought at the end of the season.

Boat Movies Boating

The Best Boat Movies: Top 10 Boating Movies

I want to share with you a few movies that are more tailored towards the type of boating that you and I enjoy. Here are 10 movies that are tailed more towards driveable boats instead of Cruise Ships.


18 Types of Boats: Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Boats

Recreational boating continues to grow in popularity and there are different types of boats for all sorts of watersport activities and adventures.

Best Jon Boats to Buy in 2021 Boating

What is a Jon Boat (sometimes called a John Boat)?

It’s the boat’s versatility that makes it so compelling and why Jon Boats have stood the test of time. Let us see what makes the Jon Boat so special.

Ugliest Fish Boating

Top 25 Ugly Fish in the World

These are the ghoulish goblins and vampires of the deep sea. Don’t get too close. Some are mighty poisonous. Others may do you more damage than a grizzly bear. A few others emit electricity that may turn you into a vegetable. Let’s get down to it.