Aluminum Fishing Boats

Aluminum Fishing Boat

Aluminum boats come in a wide range of variations. However, they can generally be classified in three ways. These are Mod-V, Deep V, and Jon boats.

Deep V

Deep V boats are so-called because they have the deepest hull of an aluminum boat. This means they can not reach the shallow waters many flat-bottom boats can. However, the more pronounced deadrise and wedge shape make them much more stable in choppier waters, such as estuaries and coastlines.

With the bigger boat comes all the advantages. You have more leverage for hauling in big catches. You can also take more people out with you in a Deep V.

Mod V

Mod V boats are a great middle ground. While they do not have the level of stability you get with Deep V boats, they are still good enough for flat waters and heavy casting. The flatter bottom also means they can get into places their bigger sibling can not.

As they are smaller, they are better for moving through tighter spots. Great for skipping across small waves, you can usually only fit two to three people on board.

Jon Boats

The smallest type of aluminum boat is the Jon boat. They are designed for shallow waters with a flat bottom, that easily skims the surface of the water. Usually around 10 to 16 ft long, they are one of the best aluminum fishing boats for solo adventurers and pairs.

Use Cases

Owning an aluminum fishing boat is a great idea for new and experienced boaters. The reason for this is that they come in a range of sizes and shapes, yet remain simple to use. As they often have flat, shallow bottoms, they can get into areas other boats can not.

However, they don't just have to be used for fishing. Many people use them to take trips where they will paint, do photography or just relax in secluded areas on the water.

Cost of Ownership

One of the main benefits of aluminum fishing boats is that after the initial outlay, they are fairly cheap to keep. You will need to register, get a license and get some quality insurance, but after that, costs are quite minimal apart from fuel and maintenance materials.


A major cost consideration when owning an aluminum fishing boat is how you choose to store and transport the boat. If you need to store it at a dock, then you should check the costs associated with this.

If you are storing it at home, you need to make room for it in an outbuilding or get one built. Make sure you know the dimensions of the boat, accounting for the trailer and motor.

Getting a Trailer

If you are storing the boat at home, then you obviously need to consider a trailer. Start by looking at the towing capacity of the vehicle you currently have. This should also inform the size of the boat you choose.

After this, think about where you will be setting the boat in the water. If you are lucky, it will be a flat drive and not too far to travel. But if you are up and down mountains and hills, you may need more power in the car or a smaller, lighter boat.

Technology and Features

There are a number of features that you may wish to consider when purchasing a boat. Ideally, try to get out on the water in a variety of boats before buying, so you know which are the best for you.


One of the biggest decisions you will face is where the console sits. This is the place from which the boat is driven. The most simple choice is a console situated in the center of the boat, great for standing drives in which you want a lot of mobility around the boat.

Side console boats have controls on one side of the boat. If you have passengers, this will expose them to the elements somewhat. However, many people prefer this model as it opens up more space for luggage and when fishing.

The final console is a dual configuration. They are often seen in more powerful boats. This is because they offer more protection for passengers and the driver, imperative when chopping through waves at high speeds.

Tiller and Stick Steering

Your final options when choosing how to drive the boat are tiller and stick steering. These are usually on smaller boats that are easier to use.

The most basic is a tiller. It gives you great control over the boat and opens up a lot of space on board. Tiller boats are also easier to repair and maintain.

Stick steers are very similar to a tiller. The only difference is that the tiller control is at the front of the boat. This gives you all the room, but a slightly improved field of vision.

Choosing Aluminium Fishing Boats

Now you know the basics of aluminum fishing boats, you just need to consider what you will use it for and where. Once you know, contact a dealership to discuss which will be best for you.

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