Bass Boats

Bass boats are perfect for cruising large lakes and slow-moving rivers. Plus, they were designed with the fisherman in mind, making it easy and comfortable to spend an entire day casting on these boats.

So what exactly are bass boats, and what makes them different from other kinds of boats? Keep reading to find out now.

What are Bass Boats?

Bass boats are specifically crafted for the bass fisherman. They can typically seat two or three anglers on board but otherwise aren't meant to carry a ton of passengers.

They are designed with a slim profile and flat bottoms. This helps minimize water disturbance which is important for not scaring away all the fish you want to catch.

Because the boats are lightweight, they can be used with either outboard or trolling motors. This lets you use them in shallow water, which is often where bass are lurking.

Aside from being easy to maneuver around in shallow waters, the main benefits of bass boats are the casting platforms and swivel chairs onboard. These make it as easy, enjoyable, and comfortable as possible to spend an entire day fishing.

These boats were designed exclusively for fishermen who plan to spend many hours on the water at a time. You won't find any features that aren't useful to the diehard angler onboard, making these extremely efficient for chasing bass.

Who Should Buy a Bass Boat?

Bass boats aren't considered very versatile. There aren't many bass boat uses other than fishing. Of course, you can take a friend or a child out to explore your local waterways.

These nimble boats are pleasant to operate and get reach high speeds for traversing large bodies of water. But they aren't mean to take your entire family out on the water like a pontoon boat. In fact, the low deck and flat platforms may be considered unsafe for smaller children.

Nor are these boats intended for use in rough water conditions, as the flat hull sits on top of the water rather than cuts through it.

Bass boats are intended for the freshwater fisherman who wants to look for bass and stay put in one spot long enough to catch their fair share of fish. The boat, its casting platforms, and angling-specific seating make this process enjoyable.

If your main goal is to chase and reel in bass, and you like to do it alone or with one other person, a bass boat will be perfect for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Own a Bass Boat?

Wondering what the financial commitment looks like when it comes to bass boats? The cost of a bass boat can be as little as $10,000, especially if you don't mind buying used. Or you could spend $50,000 or more for the top-of-the-line, brand-new models.

Boat dealers and banks offer financing options for boats, making it possible to get your dream boat today. When financing, consider the monthly payments and the interest rate, as well as any down payment required.

Aside from the purchase price, there are other upfront and ongoing costs associated with boat ownership. You might need to pay sales tax on your boat, depending on which state you buy it in. And in most areas, you'll need to pay an annual personal property tax on the boat, as well as a boat registration fee.

Smart boat owners will buy insurance for their boats right away. You never know when your boat will fall off your trailer or get caught in a hail storm.

You're also going to need to purchase a trailer to haul your boat to the water. Want to keep it docked at your favorite lake? Factor in the cost to rent dock space, either from a marina or a homeowner with extra space.

And if you live in an area with harsh winters, you may need to winterize and store your boat for the season. If you can't keep it at home in the garage, you can store it at a boat storage facility or rent space at a self-storage facility nearby.

Important Features of Bass Boats

So what is it that makes bass boats unique? The main benefit of buying a bass boat is how fun and comfortable it is to fish from these all day long.

A large, flat casting platform is situated on the front of the boat. This makes it easy to stand on a stable platform, casting in almost any direction. Many bass boats also have a swivel chair on the front platform, letting you sit and wait for bites.

There may also be a second, smaller casting platform in the rear to allow a buddy to come fishing with you as well. And because the boat is low and features low or no sidewalls, it's easy to land a fish on the boat and place it back in the water after removing the hook.

Livewells also come standard on most bass boats, so you can stock up on live bait like crawfish or smaller freshwater fish like bluegills or shad. Many also have built-in coolers, making it easy to store drinks and snacks for an enjoyable day on the water.

What is the most important bass boat buying tips? The biggest thing is to get the right-sized boat. If you only plan on fishing alone, a smaller boat with a singular casting platform is best. If you want to bring along a child or friend, make sure to get a boat that accommodates multiple anglers.

Sure, you can fish from almost any other type of boat. But fishing on boats like pontoons or center console boats, with tall sidewalls and lots of seating, often makes for an awkward and uncomfortable fishing situation.

The Perfect Boat for Freshwater Fishing

Bass boats are not the super-versatile, do-it-all type of boat. They are highly specialized for one purpose; freshwater fishing, particularly in shallow waters for bass.

If your idea of a good weekend is floating around on a beautiful lake, endlessly casting, trying to hook the biggest bass around, then a bass boat is your best option.

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