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Boating Scout’s Buyer Guides show you the best boats, motors, and accessories are so you are always getting the best value.

We break down everything from the best Jon boats, outboard motor stands, and even accessories for your pontoon.

Types of Boat Covers Buyer Guides

Types of Boat Covers: The 9 Types of Boat Covers Explained

Discover the 9 different types of boat covers to increase the lifespan and resale value of your boat. Protect your boat and passengers from debris, uv rays, and weather.

Best Inflatable Kayaks Buyer Guides

Best Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks have been blowing up (pun intended). They offer more portability than traditional hardshell kayaks.

Buyer Guides

Best Jon Boat Accessories

The Jon boat is the ultimate utility-first vessel for shallow water. With the right accessories, you can transform your Jon boat into a highly versatile watercraft for almost anything.

Buyer Guides

Best Jon Boats to Buy in 2021

Don’t let this utility boat fool you. Jon boats are packed with features and are highly customizable for all of your water adventures. See my top picks for best Jon Boats to buy in 2021.

Best Outboard Motor Stands Buyer Guides

Best Outboard Motor Stands

I’ve tested some of the most popular outboard motor stands and have come away with some great recommendations based on what I think makes the best outboard motor stands.

Best Pontoon Boat Accessories Buyer Guides

Best Pontoon Boat Accessories

From adding durability to make sure your pontoon lasts for years to come to decking it out with recreational add-ons like inflatable toys, rod holders, boat grills, and more, explore the 10 best pontoon boat accessories below.