Boater Safety

Boater Education is critical to the safety of yourself and everyone else on the water. We want to help educate you, not just with safety matters, but with every facet of boating in your life.

Learn how to properly maintain your boat. How to guide yourself on the water. What safety gear you should have on board, and how to use it.

Boating with Dogs Boater Safety

Safety Tips and Accessories for Boating with Dogs

Boating with dogs is a lot of fun. Find out what you should plan for and what to bring to keep your dog safe on your next boating trip. With these safety tips, your pooch will become the best first mate he can be.

Boat Throttle Ignition Safety Switch Boater Safety

What Piece of Equipment on a Boat is Most Important in Preventing Propeller Strike Injuries?

Propeller injuries are one of the more serious types of boating accidents. Preventing propeller strikes is a vital part of boating safety.

Fall Overboard Boater Safety

What is Most Likely to Cause Someone to Fall Overboard?

While common sense dictates that you shouldn’t stand when the boat is moving, why do some people take the risk? There are a few underlying reasons why people ignore the boat safety rules.

Boat Motor Fire Boater Safety

What Should You Do if a Boat Motor Catches Fire?

Boat motors are prone to fires. Since boat fires are more prevalent than most people think, what should you do immediately your boat motor catches fire?

Safe Water Mark Boater Safety

What Color are Safe Water Markers?

Whether you are a professional mariner or are enjoy boating as a leisure activity, increasing your knowledge of navigational aids is vital for proper boating safety.

Required Boat Equipment Boater Safety

What Factor Determines A Boat’s Required Equipment?

If you’re planning to join the millions of recreational boaters in the US, there’s one important question you need to ask before you stock your boat: what factor determines a boat’s required equipment?