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Who Makes Lowe Boats?

Who Makes Lowe Boats?

Lowe Boats is actually manufactured by a parent corporation. Find out who makes lowe boats and learn the history of Lowe Boats and how it was acquired.

Lowe Boats was founded 50 years in 1971 in Lebanon, Missouri by Dianna and Carl Lowe. Lowe Boats is one of the oldest boating companies to have been co-founded by a woman.

In 2004 Brunswick Corporation acquired Lowe Boats. Lowe Boats are made by Brunswick Corporation’s division, Brunswick Boat Group. Lowe Boats is one of Brunswick’s primary boating brands.

Lowe Boats are still assembled in the original headquarters of Lebanon, Missouri. Lowe Boats, like most Brunswick products, are American made. Lowe has maintained their commitment to quality throughout the years, and they compare very favorably against the competition.

History of Lowe Boats

Long before Lowe was a brand of a larger corporation, it was a small startup in Missouri. Carl Lowe was married to Dianna Lowe, who was the daughter of J.B. Appleby.

Appleby and Carl Lowe had a partnership building boats for over a decade. The company was then called Appleby Boats and Trailers. In 1971 Carl and Dianne decided to go out on their own, and Lowe Boats was born.

Lowe started small by building aluminum canoes and jon boats. These two staples gave the couple early success and by 1975 they were ready to launch some exciting new boats.

1975 – The Growth Year

In 1975 Lowe introduced the Stinger. The Stinger was a 15′ low-cost bass boat that was revolutionary for the time. Professional features like swivel chairs and casting decks were now readily available to the weekend angler.

Lowe Boat Catalogue 1975 – Stinger

This boat series remains in production to this day. Of course, it’s been updated with all the bells and whistles we expect of today’s boats, but many of those 1975 models are still on the water today.

Continued Growth

Lowe Boats kept innovating throughout the 70s and early 80s. They introduced some of the earliest pontoon boats, which started to become increasingly popular in the late 70s.

During the early 80s, Lowe continued to expand their fishing boat lineup. They created stronger hulls, deep-V boats, raised carpeted casting decks, and more. Lowe cemented itself as a quality manufacturer at a reasonable price.

1988 – 2004

Lowe Boats was first acquired by the OMC Corporation in 1988. Lowe Boats then released a string of different boat brands and models. Some fared better than others, and the lineup quickly confusing.

The company was sold again in the 90s, broken up, sold again, then finally sold once more in 2004 to its current owner, Brunswick had the hard task of convincing Lowe’s potential customers that it was committed to the type of aluminum and pontoon boats that Lowe’s customers wanted.

Brunswick Corporation. Brunswick has done a fair job of simplifying the lineup but they should limit the number of Roughneck variations they offer.

Does it Matter Who Owns Lowe Boats?

It always matters who is behind a brand, because a company that doesn’t believe in quality at the top, will have that filter all the way down into its divisions and subsidiaries.

During the up and down years from 1988 – 2004, Lowe Boats was being passed around from company to company, because the parent companies didn’t know what to do with it.

OMC was a mess and it didn’t matter how good Lowe’s operations are, they wouldn’t have been able to save OMC. With the original founders gone, the company just seem to float around with no engine guiding its way.

Brunswick has done a good job of focusing on Lowe’s target market. Brunswick knows what Lowe’s brand is all about and doesn’t try to push something that won’t fit. The only people I think who would do it better; Carl and Dianna Lowe.

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